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Loretta Chase 23 ebooks Collection PDF MOBI EPUB


About Loretta Chase
Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949. She attended New England public schools and she obtained a B.A. in the Clark University. After college graduation, she started moonlighting as a corporate video scriptwriter. This led to the fateful meeting with a video producer who lured her into writing novels and eventually became Mr. Chase.

23 ebooks:
Series Fallen Women
Loretta Chase - Fallen Women 01 - Not Quite a Lady
Loretta Chase - Fallen Women 02 - Your Scandalous Ways
Loretta Chase - Fallen Women 03 - Don't Tempt Me
Series Trevelyan Family
Loretta Chase - Trevelyan Family 01 - Isabella
Loretta Chase - Trevelyan Family 02 - The English Witch
Series Regency Noblemen
Loretta Chase - Regency Noblemen 01 - Viscount Vagabond
Loretta Chase - Regency Noblemen 02 - The Devil's Delilah
Series Scoundrels
Loretta Chase - Scoundrels 01 - The Lion's Daughter
Loretta Chase - Scoundrels 02 - Captives of the Night
Loretta Chase - Scoundrels 03 - Lord of Scoundrels
Loretta Chase - Scoundrels 04 - The Last Hellion
Series Carsington
Loretta Chase - Carsington 01 - Miss Wonderful
Loretta Chase - Carsington 02 - Mr. Impossible
Loretta Chase - Carsington 03 - Lord Perfect
Loretta Chase - Carsington 04 - Not Quite a Lady
Loretta Chase - Carsington 05 - Last Night's Scandal
Series Dressmakers
Loretta Chase - Dressmakers 01 - Silk Is for Seduction
Loretta Chase - Dressmakers 02 - Scandal Wears Satin
Loretta Chase - Knaves' Wager
Loretta Chase - The Sandalwood Princess
Loretta Chase - Three Times a Bride (with Catherine Anderson and Samantha James)
Loretta Chase - Royal Weddings (with Gaelen Foley and Stephanie Laurens)
Loretta Chase - The Mad Earl's Bride

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