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Larry Bond 16 ebooks Collection MOBI EPUB


About Larry Bond
LARRY BOND is the author of numerous New York Times bestselling thrillers, including Vortex, Cauldron, and The Enemy Within. He previously worked with Jim DeFelice on the Larry Bond's First Team series. A former Naval Intelligence officer, warfare analyst and anti-submarine technology expert, he makes his home in Springfield, Virginia.

16 ebooks:
Series Thorn & Gray
Larry Bond - Thorn & Gray 01 - The Enemy Within
Larry Bond - Thorn & Gray 02 - Day of Wrath
Series First Team (with Jim DeFelice)
Larry Bond - First Team 01 - First Team
Larry Bond - First Team 02 - Angels of Wrath
Larry Bond - First Team 03 - Fires of War
Larry Bond - First Team 04 - Soul of the Assassin
Series Jerry Mitchell
Larry Bond - Jerry Mitchell 01 - Dangerous Ground
Larry Bond - Jerry Mitchell 02 - Cold Choices
Larry Bond - Jerry Mitchell 03 - Exit Plan
Larry Bond - Jerry Mitchell 04 - Shattered Trident
Series Red Dragon Rising (with Jim DeFelice)
Larry Bond - Red Dragon Rising 01 - Shadows of War
Larry Bond - Red Dragon Rising 02 - Edge of War
Larry Bond - Red Dragon Rising 03 - Shock of War
Larry Bond - Red Dragon Rising 04 - Blood of War
Larry Bond - Vortex
Larry Bond - Lash-Up

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