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Jackie Collins 9 ebooks Collection PDF MOBI EPUB


About Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins is the author of nineteen international, provocative and controversial bestsellers.
She lives in Beverly Hills, California

9 ebooks:
Series Lucky Santangelo
Jackie Collins - Lucky Santangelo 03 - Lady Boss
Jackie Collins - Lucky Santangelo 05 - Dangerous Kiss
Jackie Collins - Lucky Santangelo 07 - Poor Little Bitch Girl
Jackie Collins - Lucky Santangelo 08 - Goddess of Vengeance
Series Hollywood
Jackie Collins - Hollywood 03 - Hollywood Kids
Jackie Collins - Hollywood 04-05 - Hollywood Wives-The New Generation & Hollywood Divorces
Series Lethal Seduction
Jackie Collins - Lethal Seduction 01 - Lethal Seduction
Jackie Collins - Lethal Seduction 02 - Deadly Embrace
Jackie Collins - L.A. Connections

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